Wed, 08 Aug 2018 - 13:27 -- 01464266
  • Liaise with Delena if queries or changes
  • Delena to confirm details with proposer; to confirm seminar type
  • Delena to send web moderator relevant details and to advertise
  • Notice period required? Dependent on availability of venue; 2 days minimum.
(not required if presenter is an IDM member)
(not required if presenter is an IDM member)
The IDM seminar types: 1. An 'Ordinary' seminar - organised on Wednesdays by either the IDM, or once a month by the Department of Immunology (2 speakers, often postgrad students or postdocs) 2. A 'Special seminar' - presented by a visiting specialist on a separate weekday. 3. An IDM S3 seminar (Science, Snacks, Social) – with a more informal 5 minute introduction by the Chair interacting with the speaker, asking questions of the speaker on a more personal level (to get to know them more, how they progressed in their career etc.); snacks provided afterwards to facilitate attendee interaction. 4. An IDM Juxtaposition seminar - a double speaker seminar where the topic is on two seemingly diverse areas of knowledge around the same issue, with the aim to foster new ideas.