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Top Awards for Postgraduate Projects in National Statistics Competition

Congratulations to Etienne Pienaar, Opeoluwa Oyedele and Tsiresy Bernard, postgraduate students in the Department of Statistical Sciences, who were awarded the top three prizes this year in the postgraduate project competition hosted by the South African Statistical Association.

First prize
Mr Etienne Pienaar (PhD student)
Topic: Using a Multivariate Diffusion Model to Perform Inference in Ecology
Supervisor: Dr Melvin Varughese

Second Prize
Ms Opeoluwa Oyedele (PhD student)
Topic: Partial Least Squares Bioplots for Generalized Linear Models
Supervisor: Assoc Prof Sugnet Lubbe

Third Prize
Tsiresy Bernard (MSc student)
Topic: South African Household Survey Data: An Unbiased View on Narrowing the Gap Between Racial Groups
Supervisor: Assoc Prof Sugnet Lubbe