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Doctoral Students

Name: Adul Karim Iddrisu
Topic: Sensitivity Analysis frameworks in longitudimal clinical trials with missing data & protocol deviations
Supervisor: Freedom Gumedze



Name: Alecia Nickless
Topic: Regional CO2 flux estimates for South Africa through inverse modelling
Supervisor: Birgit Erni, Les Underhill, Peter Ryan



Name: Allan Clark
Topic: Statistical Applications in Ecology
Supervisor: Res Altwegg



Name: Andre Mostert
Topic: Out of control Diagnosis using Multivariate Statistical process Monitoring
Supervisor: Sugnet Lubbe


Name: Babooshka Shavazipour
Topic: New approaches in intergration of scenario planning and goal performing.
Supervisor: Theodor Stewart



Name: Chris Holdsworth
Topic: Estimating the time varying distribution of asset class returns
Supervisor: Graham Barr



Name: David Maphisa
Topic: Adaptive management of high altitude grasslands: ingula as a case study
Supervisor: Res Altwegg, Les Underhill



Name: Dorine Jansen
Topic: The use of ringing data in the study of climatic influences on the vital rates of (locally) common passerines in Southern Africa.
Supervisor: Res Altwegg



Name: Etienne Pienaar
Topic: Diffusion processes and applications
Supervisor: Melvin Varughese



Name: Gordon Botha
Topic: Survival analysis of the Albertus breeding colonies on the sub-Antarctic Islands
Supervisor: Res Altwegg, Peter Ryan


Name: Dieudonne Kabongo Kantu
Topic: Portfolio decision Analysis for optimal selection of projects and resource allocation.
Supervisor: Ian Durbach, Juwa Nyirenda


Name: Dominique Katshunga
Topic: Multiple regression model in functional data analysis
Supervisor: Sugnet Lubbe



Name: Greg Distiller
Topic: Statistical method development for inference from camera trap studies.
Supervisor: Birgit Erni, Les Underhill



Name: Gregory Duckworth
Topic: Dynamic occupancy models in avian conservation within proteited areas of South Africa
Supervisor: Res Altwegg, Les Underhill


Name: Hassen Sadiq
Topic: Assessing the Robustness of Phylogentetic and Phylogeographic models to changes in residue frequencies over time: A simulation study.
Supervisor: Miguel Lacerda, Ben Murrell


Name: Isaac Singini
Topic: Diagnostics for joint models based on longitudinal and survival data.
Supervisor: Freedom Gumedze, Henry Mwambi


Name: Jordache Ramjit
Topic:  Statistical Modeling of Pneumonia Data: The Drakenstein Health Study.
Supervisor: Francesca Little, Landon Meyer


Name: Kago Kebotsamang
Topic:  Spatial Statistics for problems in Ecology and the environment.
Supervisor: Christien Thiart


Name: Lara Delmeyer
Topic:  Investigation into robust portfolio construction.
Supervisor: Dave Bradfield



Name: Michael Stephanou
Topic: On orthogonal expansions of probability distributions
Supervisor: Melvin Varughese, Ian MacDonald



Name: Neil Watson
Topic: Decision support for performance monitoring and evaluation in Rugby Union.
Supervisor: Ian Durbach, Theo Stewart, Sharief Hendricks


Name: Raeesa Ganey
Topic: Principal Surfaces.
Supervisor: Sugnet Lubbe


Name: Sarah Saeid Pour
Topic: Reference point methodology for interactive exploration of the Pareto frontier.
Supervisor: Theo Stewart


Name: Shivani Ramjee (Ranchod)
Topic: An intergrated decision-making approach for South African private hospital: Managing hospital efficiency in a changing health policy environment.
Supervisor: Theo Stewart, Leanne Scott

Name: Takura Kupamupindi
Topic:  Modelling Malaria Elimination in Zimbabwe.
Supervisor: Sheetal Silal


Name: Tim Awine
Topic: Malaria transmission dynamics in Northern Ghana.
Supervisor: Sheetal Silal



Name: Tinashe Chatora
Topic: Statistical modeling of simultaneous non-linear longitudinal profiles.
Supervisor: Francesca Little, Karen Barnes