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Masters Students

Name: Darren Moller
Topic: Replant planning for SA sugarance
Supervisor: Jonas Stray

Name: Deepak Soowamber
Topic: Joint modelling of longitudinal data from HIV/TB studies
Supervisor: Francesca Little, Anette Grobler

Name: Frans Cronje
Topic: Human Action Recognition through 3D Convolutional neutral networks
Supervisor: Allan Clark

Name: Hassan Sadiq
Topic: A topic model-based approach to inferring natural selection in protein coding sequences.
Supervisor: Miguel Lacerda

Name: Kwame Gykye
Topic: Uncertainty capability indices with South African Industrial Applications
Supervisor: Renkuan Guo

Name: Mzimela Nosipho
Topic: Multivariate Analysis of Economic Capital Data
Supervisor: Sugnet Lubbe

Name: Nash Emamally
Topic: An investigation into log-normal kriging
Supervisor: Christien Thiart, Linda Haines

Name: Raeesa Ganey
Topic: Principal points, principal curves and principal surfaces
Supervisor: Sugnet Lubbe

Name: Rasheed Ayedemi
Topic: Uncertain regression modelling with agricultural applications
Supervisor: Renkuan Guo

Name: Rene Franck Essomba
Topic: Functional Data Analysis
Supervisor: Sugnet Lubbe

Name: Shravan Lalbahadur
Topic: Statistical modelling of agricultural insurance data
Supervisor: Francesca Little, Ian MacDonald

Name: Tatenda Gweshe
Topic: Exploring perceptions of risk and reward in gambling
Supervisor: Leanne Scott

Name: Thalia Petousis
Topic: Analysis of EM sovereign spreads
Supervisor: Graham Barr

Name: Tosin Oladele
Topic: Low volatility alternative equity indices
Supervisor: Dave Bradfield

Name: Tsiresy Pierre-Bernard
Topic: South African Household Survey: An unbased view on narrowing the cap between racial groups.
Supervisor: Sugnet Lubbe